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Haydn Rushworth Vlog #2 - Casey Neistat's 368 and Jack Conte's Patreon

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

This is my suggestion for ONE way that Casey Neistat could make money from his new 368 studio (plus, I'm really excited to see what Jack Conte brings into the mix with Patreon).

Big question though, did Casey steal his idea for 368 from my Cymruwood idea, or do great minds just think alike? ;-)

Just a few days after I announced a big idea for a collaborative studio / playground for filmmakers, actors and other creatives in this video...

Casey Neistat announced a really similar idea with his new daily Vlog and 368 studio, but with one thing missing: He doesn't yet seem to have worked out how to make any money from the 368 studio. So this is Haydn's Handy Helpful Hint on how to do that.

Casey's 368 Launch video...

Jack Conte's "I want to talk to you Casey" Video...

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