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My Latest Screenplay





(Act 1)



Please email me for a copy of the most current draft of the screenplay.

Ben is a save-the-world Mr. Nice Guy with a BIG problem: When he touches people, their thoughts become real. Great if they’re daydreaming about world peace, not so great if they’re having a bad day and wishing for armageddon.


His powers are new, he can’t switch them off and he never really knows what people are thinking. So, unless he’s happy to risk destroying the world whenever he brushes shoulders with a stranger, he’s facing a lifetime without hugs, kisses or ANY kind of human contact unless he learns to read minds and control his powers.


Then he meets Daisy, a beautiful but bitter and cynical young woman with bona-fide, real-deal telepathic abilities. She could be the answer to all his problems if she would just agree to help him save the world, but the thing is, telepathy ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, and Daisy doesn’t think the world is worth saving.


Her mind-reading powers have killed off every relationship she’s had since the day she unwittingly got these powers. And if her boyfriend-repelling abilities weren’t bad enough, she’s spent far too long inside the heads of the most villainous douchebags in society, helping police catch the criminals that ordinary cops just can’t. After five years mind-reading the worst of mankind, she kinda likes the idea of Ben accidentally dishing out a dollop of global karma.


But the universe has other plans, and when she realises she could use Ben’s wish-granting abilities for her own shady agenda, she agrees to “help” him, but all the while she’s playing him like a well-worn banjo.

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