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What I do and how I do it isn't nearly as important as WHY I do it.​

At heart, I'm a guy who can't shake off the urge to want to make the world a better place, and filmmaking is my way of doing it.

I'm a naive optimist. A hoper, a dreamer and an idealist.

I believe that every single person on the planet has potential that would blow their minds if they could even see a glimpse of it... more potential for greatness than our wildest dreams can imagine.

Too often, we believe the lie that we're insignificant and worthless.


So my goal is to create films that lift, inspire and give genuine hope... that help people to see the untapped potential  in ourselves, in our family and in the world around us.

From the tiny sparks of greatness in every child, to the greatest dreams and ambitions of the most downtrodden people in society, my greatest ambition is to highlight, celebrate and encourage the greatest potential in all of us.

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