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What I Do

Filmmaking for businesses, charities and the entertainment industry is my day job. It's the bread and butter that keeps the wheels turning whilst I follow my dream to create movies.

If you have a project you'd like to discuss, please get in touch.

If your project requires a short, 30-60 second promo video for social media, then my popular same-day video production service might be just what you're looking for. High quality, fast turnaround and low cost, you can find out more about it here...

About Me

Everybody has a backstory... this is mine.

Haydn Rushworth - Photography and Filmmaking started at just 2 years old

Me, age 2. The bug was already there.

The beginnings...

I grew up in the small town of Yeadon near Leeds in a large, often-impoverished but happy family. I remember at age 8, standing in a line-up with my friends as my Father framed up a photo, thinking "this looks really unnatural and boring", so I put my arm around the shoulder of the kid next to me and pointed at something imaginary in the distance in the hope that my Dad would take the picture in a "spontaneous, caught-off-guard" moment. It's my first recollection of trying to capture "authentic" humanity in a photo.

Haydn Rushworth, Filmmaker

From Photographer to Filmmaker

Finding my groove

Eventually, my photography passion became an integral part of my identity, but several years ago, with digital cameras and YouTube tutorials turning EVERYBODY into a talented photographer, I needed to stretch my wings and started to make the exciting upgrade from stills to video.

Haydn Rushworth, Filmmaker, Director & Screenwriter on the set of a short film project with the Cymruwood Club

Directing a Cymruwood Club Short Film

Breaking into Short Films

It took several years to expand my filmmaking horizons into shooting narrative short films with real life actors, but as complicated and daunting as the process was, it felt like home.

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