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Family Legacy


A precious GIFT to leave for


An opportunity to RECORD, PRESERVE


YOUR life stories,

YOUR way,

with YOUR voice.


20% OFF

save £120



The PERFECT family gift for

Anniversaries & Birthdays






of your



How much will your great grandchildren know about you or your life?


How about your parents or grandparents, and the lives they led?


Not sure?

Then ask yourself this…

How much do YOU know about YOUR great grandparents or THEIR grandparents or their great grandparents?


What do you know about their lives, their heartaches or their achievements?


How much do you know about their romances, their cherished beliefs, their values, their personalities?


If you know very little about your ancestors...


how much will your descendants know about you?


A Family Legacy Film gives you the chance to share YOUR life story, YOUR way, in YOUR own words.


It's a way to share and preserve PRECIOUS MEMORIES that will one day be lost forever unless they’re recorded.

A treasured gift to last MORE than a lifetime, connecting YOU and your LOVED ONES for generations to come.

A filmed interview brings your story to life in a personal and intimate way.


It’s a way to close the gap between generations who’ll never be able to meet;


a way to cross the barriers of time and share your most valuable life lessons and memories with your posterity.

How Does It Work?


Book Your Filming Session.

Total Cost = £595

The FIRST STEP is to get in touch and book your session. The cost is £595 for the day of filming and editing, but that's it, no hidden extras and no nasty surprises. Travel costs within mainland UK are included.

Filming sessions can either be paid for on the day of the shoot or paid in advance with a gift voucher. Gift vouchers make a terrific gift that family members can buy as a group for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Wedding Anniversaries, Birthdays, Christmas etc. Just get in touch to enquire and purchase ahead of time if the gift voucher option is preferred. For those who choose the gift voucher option, it will be sent along with a pair of brand new external hard disk drives (for storing two copies of the interview videos) as well as a presentation keepsake box.

Choose Your Topic

What you share in your interview is entirely your choice. Some of the subjects that you might choose to talk about are:-

  • Memories of your parents, grandparents or great grandparents

  • Anything else you know about your family history

  • Your childhood. What was it like? What were your happy childhood memories and experiences? How about the sad and scary ones too?

  • Your teenage years, romances, education, career choices, friends, hobbies, challenges, hopes and dreams.

You have a lifetime of memories and perspectives that will one day be valuable and fascinating for the posterity that you won’t get a chance to meet, and you can share and record anything you feel would be important and worth keeping for posterity.


It’s your life, presented your way, by you.


My role as interviewer and filmmaker, is to make it easier for you to share your story in a natural, conversational way.

Your Filming Session

On the day of your filming session, I come to your home in the morning and set up professional lights, microphones and cameras for up to three hours of filming on subjects that you can choose ahead of time.

Following the morning of filming, I find a quiet place to concentrate and edit for the afternoon and finally present you with your film clips by the end of the day.

VIDEO STORAGE. Professional filming requires enormous amounts of digital storage. On the day, I'll leave you with your interview videos files on two, identical, portable hard disk drives. This is so that your interview film clips can be stored for safety in two different places. One hard drive is to keep yourself in the presentation / storage box I’ll provide on the day, and the other is to give to a family member for safekeeping. These video clips will be easily viewable from any Mac or PC by plugging the external hard drive into your computer's USB drive. I'll show you how at the end of your filming shoot.

Interview Topics

This is your opportunity to share whatever you’d like to share with the posterity that you’ll never get to meet. This is a chance not just to talk about the FACTS of your life, but how you FELT, how they affected you (for good or bad) of how they shaped you and your life.


The topics you may choose to talk about are as rich and varied as life itself, but to help get the ball rolling, here are a few more ideas of subjects that may one day capture the hearts and imaginations of future generations.

  • Your marriage and early family life.

  • Births and early childhood recollections of each of your children.

  • Your Faith, values and beliefs; your political and social views.

  • Social and cultural norms that were different when you were younger to the way they are today. How much did things cost when you were younger? How much did you and other people earn when you started out in life?

  • Things you’re glad you did things you’re glad you DIDN’T do.

  • Things you wish you did and perhaps even the things you wish you hadn’t done.

  • Life advice for your great grandchildren and great, great grandchildren. What would you share with them if you could have a few minutes one-on-one when they’re struggling with things like broken hearts, career disappointments, relationship problems with family or friends. New parent challenges.

  • Favourite family memories. Holidays, Christmas, special occasions.

  • Funny or embarrassing family stories and experiences.

  • Memories of and involvement with important cultural and historical events.

  • House / Room tour. You can tell a lot about a person by how they decorate their homes and living spaces. How about giving a guided tour of one or several rooms in your home. Explanations for ornaments and possessions that are important to you can really help somebody get a sense of who you are and the things that are important to you.

  • Professional background and career choices. Why did you make those choices? Do you regret any of them? Are you especially proud of any of them.

FREE! - 10 Top Tips - How To Make YOUR OWN Family Legacy Film

But, I hear you cry, "can't I just make my own family history video?"


ABSOLUTELY! The technology to create interview films like these is readily available to all of us, so I've created this FREE handy guide on how to do it yourself for those who'd like to handle their own legacy film recording.

So why pay somebody else to do it? For those who feel a little daunted by the task and know they're unlikely to get around to doing this themselves, I bring interviewing, filmmaking and editing experience to the mix, and since we all tell stories differently to somebody who doesn't already know the details, at times like this it can actually be helpful to be interviewed by a stranger; somebody who has fresh ears and can ask you to clarify or explain further something that could be familiar to your family here and now, but not to future generations.


Haydn Rushworth: Filmmaker

From 2001 I spent around 15 years as a family and wedding photographer. During that time I took more than 1 million photographs of children and babies over the course of roughly 2,500 family photo shoots!

When the photography world became saturated with family photographers, I found a new passion in filmmaking, creating corporate and social campaign videos alongside a number of personal projects. As a filmmaker, I LIVE for opportunities to create films with real emotional purpose. Corporate work for organisations like the BBC and Sky help to pay the bills, but my real passion is in creating films that will make a difference in the world. Films that matter to people. At the heart of the best work I do is always PEOPLE and their STORIES. Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary and the heroic in the mundane.

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