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we make high quality videos

in one day

for ONE price(£595)

FILM in the


EDIT in the


DELIVER by the


We believe that HIGH QUALITY VIDEO is so important

for a 21st century business that it should be


3 Problems with video production...​

1 - HOW LONG is it going to take?

2 - HOW MUCH is it going to cost?


3 - HOW GOOD is it going to be?

With Same Day Video you know...​

1 - It will take ONE DAY

2 - It will COST £595


3 - It will be... well, see for yourself...




High quality videos shot in ONE DAY for only £595... there MUST be a catch!

There is...

I need you to allow me to be in charge.


If you're willing to let me have complete creative control we can avoid DAYS of expensive planning, meetings and discussions.

THAT'S how I save you a bucketload of money.

All I need from you is the answer to just three questions...

1- Who are we talking to?

2 - What are we saying?

3 - What's the objective?

...then leave the rest to me.

Who are we talking to?

Who's the target audience for your video? Existing customers? New customers? Long-term prospects? Ideal employees? What kind of people are they, serious and highly professional, fun-loving amateurs or everybody else in between? It's vital to clearly understand who your message is aimed at in order to send the RIGHT message to the RIGHT people.

What are we saying?

Knowing the right message doesn't mean having a script, it means understanding the core message that you ultimately want to send in your video. What are the values that you want to connect with people on? What's the image, tone and mood that you want to present? What problem are you solving for your viewers? What key features do you want to highlight?


What's the objective?

As well as being clear about your core message, we also need to know the main objective with your video. Is it more website visits, more sales, more likes or follows on social media? How will we measure the success of your video? What's your plan on broadcasting the video? Facebook ads, Twitter shares, an Email campaign or just displaying it on your home page?

Leave the rest to me.

Once we're clear about the intended audience, the core message your video needs to convey and the objective, you can leave the rest to me. If you're willing to trust my creativity, imagination and experience, the rest can happen much quicker than if lots of people are involved in running the show.

Same Day Video Gallery

Same Day Video Gallery

Recovery is Possible - True story project for The Alcohol & Drug Service

Jason Spragg - WW1 Family History Video

NEON Under 18s Foam UV Party - Highlights video 2

NEON Under 18s Foam UV Party - Highlights video 1


Haydn Rushworth

Haydn is an impassioned Filmmaker as well as a budding Screenwriter and Director. He loves an excuse to try new and creative filmmaking tips, tricks and techniques.

He spent 15 years as a family photographer and has taken approximately 1 million photographs of children and babies!

Haydn and Yulia.jpg

Yulia Rushworth

Yulia is the Digital Marketing Queen in our little operation as well as keeping the admin wheels turning smoothly and the operation running efficiently. Same Day Video COULD NOT EXIST without her!

Yulia graduated with a 1st in French Literature and LOVES Jane Austen.

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