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8 Top Tips on Filming Yourself With a Smartphone

Hi there!

Welcome to my 8 top tips on how to film yourself with a smartphone. Or, Haydn’s handy helpful hints on filming yourself with a smartphone. Same thing really but it just sounded, y’ know, it flows. Here we go.

Tip number one. Don’t stand with a window behind you because all the light will just drown you out. If you turn the other way round however, you get great light.

Tip number two. Find a quiet place to film yourself, and if you can’t find a quiet place, then tip number three, plug your headphones in and use the microphone on your earpieces.

Tip number four is to keep the camera steady, and if you can’t keep the camera steady, then find a wall or something solid and wedge it against it, and then you’re all rock steady, smooth and ready to film.

Tip number five. Look into the camera lens, rather than looking at the picture of yourself on the phone, then it looks like you’re actually looking at the person who’s watching the video.

Tip number six, use the camera’s focusing feature, usually by tapping on the screen on yourself, and that way you’re all sharp and in focus.

Tip number seven. Filming yourself from below is not a good angle. Anytime the camera is low down like this you get horrible chins and it’s just not an attractive angle. But if you go like this and do the opposite, or even film straight, it’s more flattering. But if you want to really slim yourself out the do this… “Hi”.

And finally tip number eight, and as a filmmaker this is one that I just PLEAD with you, please, please, please, please, PLEASE… when you film, instead of filming in portrait mode, film in landscape mode so that you use the whole screen. That’s next level filmmaking. If you only do that one thing and film with your phone in portrait mode instead of landscape mode, that would be brilliant.

So there you are, my top tips on filming yourself with a smartphone. If you film yourself using your smartphone with one of these techniques, it would be really cool if you’d paste a link in the comments below so that I can take a look at it.

Other than that, thanks very much, goodbye.

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